Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today we are having a party for Grant. I can't believe he is 9! He is starting 4th grade this year. He decided he wanted to just have a few friends go bowling and have cake after. He wants a Harry Potter cake. So we bought a kit from walmart to decorate a cake at home. Its gonna be pretty cool. Pictures later!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its been almost a year...

since I posted! I can't believe it! I am so slack! I am going to try and post more this school year. I can't believe that Grant is going into 4th grade! And Logan is starting his last year of preschool! My boys are getting so big! Daniel finished his masters program. Can't wait till the opportunity comes for him to be an assistant principal. He will be great at it! I am still at the preschool where Logan goes to school. I assist in the One year old class. Its great! I can't wait for the new school year to begin. I am also a consultant for Thirty One gifts. If you wonder what that is, click on the link to my website to the right. Not much else to say right now. I am going to try and post something every day from now until this time next year so be ready for lots of updates! I can't always promise the posts to be long but at least try and post some pictures or something. I have to get better with this.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3rd Grade

Grant has started the 3rd grade. I can't believe it! He started a new school this year. And he seems to be really happy so far..though it is only the second day. Here is a pic of him on his first day :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Its the end of July already! Grant will be 8 years old in 3 days! I cant believe how quickly this summer has gone. We haven't done any major traveling. We did go on a camping trip with our church family and that was awesome. We rented a cabin...i don't do tent camping LOL It was a great time to get to fellowship with our friends. We have also been taking alot of day trips to go see Daniel's mom. She is still fighting liver cancer. Keep her in your prayers please.

Grant starts the 3rd grade this year! I cant believe it! I have a third grader! time flies by so fast. He has gotten so tall too. He is really excited. We bought his school supplies the other day and he was soo excited. I remember enjoying picking out new notebooks and pens and pencils. and the coolest pencil box. That was always so important in elementary school. He wants to use his pirates of the Caribbean book bag again this year. That's fine with me. :)

Logan will be going to 3yr old preschool this year. It is 5 days a week. I am so excited about this because I will have Fridays off...but he will have to go to school. So I will have Fridays all to myself! I can't wait! the thought of being able to go do errands or even just clean the house without interruption gets me all giddy! Isn't that sad?

That's it for now. Sorry for my slack blogging.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Name

I really want to change the name of my blog but I dont know what to call it. So please if you can think of a cute name for the blog please comment!


Well its been awhile I know..... but we have been super busy. Logan turned 3 last month. He is growing up so fast. The last two weeks we have been working on potty training. I think we have almost finished it ....we shall see.

Grant is doing really well. He tested for Gifted and Talented for school next year. He is really proud of himself. I can't believe he starts 3rd grade next year!

Daniel is busy as ever. From what it looks like he will be graduating in December with his Masters. He is working this summer with summer school and getting internship hours for his grad classes.

Me? Well.....I am doing pretty good. I am really loving my life. I have two wonderful boys that keep me on my toes. I have the most amazing husband that works so hard for me and the boys. I have great friends. And the best church family a girl could ask for.